Stamina Coach Review: Does It Live Up To The Hype?

It’s been a badly kept secret for some time now, that bedroom stamina coach Adam Vance was the man to see for those wanting to learn the training methods to build stamina and last longer in bed. The problem was though, that getting an appointment with Adam was next to impossible, as he only accepts clients through personal referrals and then your still looking at a 6 month waiting time.

That’s why a lot of guys who have heard about what his methods can do have been hanging out for the release of his training program to the general public.

Well men. The wait is over and now the rest of us can start doing some serious training to improve out lasting time. His program is called the Stamina Coach  and it’s up an available at

We grabbed a copy here at Newsfed and we can say that this is going to make a lot of guys who can’t last in bed very happy (not to mention their partners).  It’s that good.

We thought Adam might leave out some of his more advanced training methods. After all, one on one coaching sessions with him cost over $2000 and that’s for the lucky few who can get a slot.

But it’s all in here. And a definitely a first that such a complete program has been

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